A vocational training or volunteer work

If you participate in the integration course and you have a job, you might also want to take a language course focused on your work environment. A vocational training equip you with the typical language skills referring to your work and gives you an insight into additional studies. Ask your employer for the possibilities. In this way a vocational training can enlarge for example your chances for promotion.

Fiolet Taaltrainingen offers courses focusing on language skills for your job.

Volunteer work

Our main message to participants is: speak Dutch as much as you can and become familiar with the different aspects of Dutch society. Volunteer work is a good opportunity to learn about the society you live in. And volunteer work is a good way to actively participate in society and therefore increase your own future job opportunities as well as expand your social relations.

Fiolet taaltrainingen has a network of organizations where you can do a language internship. As a volunteer you will work in an organization in which only Dutch is spoken. We are happy to give you advice in finding an internship.

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