Duration of the Civic Integration Course?

The average duration of the Civic Integration Course is one year. But it highly depends on your personal educational history. Before you start the course we will make clear how many hours you’ll need to pass the exam.

Intake interview

In this interview, we get to know each other and we will evaluate your level. The expected duration of the course is an important topic during the interview. All joint agreements are listed in a course contract. So you always know exactly the study route which you should follow.

Duration of the course in detail

To optimize the chance to get a Civic Integration Diploma, most participants need at least 240-300 study hours. (A lesson has a duration of three hours.) If you go to school, twice a week, like most of our participants, your course will take about a year. Please note: this is an average duration. The course duration may vary depending on the number of times per week you visit the lessons. And of course your personal pace of learning.

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